6 years of experience

About Carissa Lewis

Carissa holds a Diploma in Sport and Recreation and is a certified Nutritionist. With over 6 years experience inspiring people of all levels to demand more of themselves through fitness and personal development. Mum of daughter Archer, wife to fellow PT Tobias, Carissa's experience is post-natal and HIIT exercise. Whether it’s tramping into the NZ bush, leading a group fitness class, practicing Bikram Yoga, running around Hawke's Bay or riding a push bike through Napier, Carissa uses her time to inspire herself and others to realize their true potential by tapping into their inner strength.

Diploma in Sport & Recreation
Certificate in Weight Management & Nutrition

About Tobias Preece

Tobias holds Certificates 3 & 4 in Fitness and a Master Trainer from the Australian Institute of Fitness. With over 20 years of physical training from various disciplines including triathlon, kickboxing, mountain biking, rock climbing, bodybuilding and yoga.

Level 1 - Certificate III in Fitness (Australia)
Level 2 - Certificate IV in Fitness (Australia)
Master Trainer

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